See a single version of the truth

Your customer data comes from many sources. Some of it you might collect yourself, some you might buy from third parties, and yet more will come from online activity and form capture.

Customer data is a good thing, but that information can easily become fragmented across your organisation – making it hard to build up a complete picture of each individual and preventing you getting the best value from your data.

At Equiniti Data we can help you bring all of your customer information together in one place, consolidating data points and ensuring there is no duplication of records or inaccurate information. Our years of experience in this area mean we can meet your consolidation needs both quickly and efficiently.

We work with you to ensure that the data you collect is up-to-date, clean and accurate. We can also guide you on your compliance obligations and how to maximise the value of your data within legal and regulatory frameworks.

What we offer

  • Consolidation

    We unite your many different data sources in a single, easy-to-access repository.

  • Data cleaning

    We de-duplicate and cleanse your customer records to ensure you only have one accurate and reliable master record of each individual.

  • Data maintenance

    We regularly update and maintain your customer data to ensure continued accuracy.

How you benefit

  • Gain new insights

    Get the full picture of each individual, enabling relevant and more purposeful targeting.

  • Refresh existing data

    Bring older – but still accurate – customer information back into valuable use.

  • New opportunities

    Understand relationships between individuals to uncover new opportunities for engagement.

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