• Get more from your Email Campaigns with EQ Engage

    EQ Engage is a secure, intuitive and powerful email platform that lets you send more engaging communications that spur more customer interaction than ever before.

  • Harness Your Data

    Automatically import data from different sources and segment email campaigns based on audience age, purchase history, location, campaign interactions or any other combination of attributes.

  • Design Engaging Campaigns

    Design appealing campaigns that boost engagement, whether you’re an HTML expert, or just want to drag and drop. Include surveys and other dynamic content to personalise each message.

  • Automate Delivery

    Use powerful, flexible “triggers” to automatically contact customers about relevant sales, offers, new products and services - or even just to wish them a Happy Birthday.

  • Ensure Quality

    Avoid embarrassing errors: send live test communications to real accounts and see how they look in the wild, before delivering your complete campaign.

  • Improve Integration

    Integrate any aspect of EQ Engage with other services using our powerful API. Whether you need to retrieve, update, add, or remove contacts from your lists, all functions can be accessed securely.

  • Track Performance

    Know – and grow – your audience, using insights from our detailed reporting tools. Full audit trails mean easier compliance with current and future communications regulations.

  • Stay Secure and Compliant

    Rest assured your EQ Engage platform is safe and compliant with ISO 27001, whether you host your platform on-premises or in our secure data centre.

  • Maximise Deliverability

    Ensure your communications always reach the right inboxes. EQ Engage has powerful features to help you maximise deliverability rates and maintain a pristine sender reputation.

What we offer

  • Acquisition review

    We’ll conduct a complete review of your current planning and buying processes and help you understand and improve your acquisition model.

  • Future proofing

    Our specialists will help you develop a comprehensive data strategy for the next three years and beyond—so you avoid the expense of ‘maverick’ data buying.

  • Iterative testing

    We test, learn from and refine your data processes to ensure a better ROI from your data budget

How you benefit

  • Improve decision-making

    Plan ahead to ensure better decisions, greater business continuity, steadier income and a greater ROI.

  • Ensure data quality

    Be secure in the knowledge that your data is always compliant and fit for purpose.

  • Boost efficiency and lower costs

    Rely on our data, partners and expertise to get the most from your marketing spend.

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