Ensure maximum deliverability for every campaign

Few marketers have an accurate picture of how many of their emails arrive in recipients’ inboxes. Relevant and well-crafted content is only half the battle when it comes to getting your communications delivered. The other half is building a positive sender reputation with recipient ISPs. We can show you how.

At Equiniti Data we don’t make empty promises about reaching inbox. We’ll help you understand how your outbound communications are currently perceived by the biggest mailbox providers, like Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and more. Then we’ll help you configure and manage the communications you send through EQ Engage to ensure maximum deliverability.

What we offer

  • Configure

    We’ll help you determine the structure of the sending domains you wish to use, and ensure they are robustly configured for positive authentication with recipient ISPs.

  • Plan

    We’ll devise an “IP warming” plan that allows you to build up a positive reputation with recipient ISPs from Day 1.

  • Monitor

    We’ll monitor and analyse key metrics to give you an accurate picture of your sender reputation and deliverability rates.

  • Whitelisting

    We work with ReturnPath to certify your activity as a sender and help keep your communications out of junk folders.

How you benefit

  • Increased engagement

    Ensuring your emails are received by your target audience.

  • Improved ROI

    Through more relevant emails that drive genuine engagement.

  • Enhanced brand awareness

    Through high-quality emails that people look forward to receiving.

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