Email UX A crucial component of your sales funnel.

Send purposeful, persuasive communications to the right customers, in the right way, at the right time.

Email is a brilliant channel for customer communications – when it works. For email campaigns that truly deliver, you need incisive insight into your audience, a technical platform that delivers the right email to the right person at the right time, and a powerful mix of design and copy that generates opens, clicks and conversions. That’s a lot to get right.

Equiniti Data offers a complete email strategy, design and broadcast service that combines the latest data and broadcast technologies with our extensive design, copy and technological expertise.

From email design through to A/B testing, testing on different devices, timely, reliable email broadcast and detailed campaign reporting, we provide a complete array of technical and creative solutions to ensure every email you send is as successful as possible.

Email strategy

Great email needs a great strategy. That’s why we start by evaluating your existing approach, and recommending changes based on your previous experiences, our own email marketing expertise, and what our rich UK consumer datasets tell us about your customers.

We then monitor all aspects of your email performance, so if a campaign isn’t performing as expected, we’ll know what to tweak to get better results next time.

Email design and user experience (UX)

Design is critical to the success of your email campaigns and we apply all the latest science, from eye-tracking studies to psychographical profiling. Then we set our creative geniuses to work designing responsive, user-oriented emails that get noticed, opened and acted upon.

We can also weave-in the latest data-driven personalisation methods to ensure each recipient gets targeted, relevant information based on their interests, buying stage and previous activity.

Secure, on-time broadcast

Once you’ve got a great email, you need to get it to your audience. But it’s not as simple as just hitting “send.” Shared email service providers (ESPs) use opaque methods that can mean your campaigns go out at the wrong time or become associated with spammers.

With Equiniti Data, your emails can be sent from your own, dedicated platform, which lowers deliverability risks, eliminates CPM fees, keeps your email secure and preserves your sender reputation.

Complete testing

Your email needs to look good to every email client and on every device. To achieve that, we test your emails on a huge array of real devices, rather than relying on emulators that can give unreliable results.

And we don’t just test current best practices. We constantly experiment with innovative design approaches and technologies to ensure your communications always stand out from the crowd.

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