The Devil is in the Detail

The more detail you have about your target audience, the more purposeful your marketing strategies can be. However, demographics are a constantly-changing landscape. To consistently maintain a clear understanding of your customers’ requirements, you need to keep your customer data universe as accurate, up-to-date and richly-detailed as possible. Equiniti Data can help you get the most value from your customer data – in every single campaign. In addition, we can keep on collecting, cleaning and enriching it over the long-term to ensure it’s always relevant, always up-to-date and always available, whenever you need it.

What we offer

  • Data provisioning

    We can advise you on the best ways to create an outstanding, secure customer database, enriched with our own consumer data comprising over 50M records

  • Single customer view

    We can help you improve your customer service levels, attain higher conversion rates and improve your customer lifetime value by consolidating your disparate data sources into a single customer view that help you build a personalised, purposeful picture of your customers and their journeys

  • Data hygiene

    We can cleanse, validate and suppress any rogue elements of your data set, such as duplicate records, outdated and incomplete information. In addition, we will ensure it is completely compliant with current and future data regulations

How you benefit

  • Improve targeting

    See better ROI from your campaigns with data-driven, purposeful targeting, ensuring you only communicate with customers likely to engage

  • Boost efficiency and lower costs

    Rely on our data, partners and expertise to get the most from your marketing spend

  • Increase customer engagement

    Better understand your customers and target them with more personalised and engaging offers

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