Strategise for maximum value

In the age of ‘big data’, it may seem that the more data you have, the more value your business will gain. But it can be difficult to know if the data you’re buying is of the best quality, whether you’re making the best use of it, and whether you’re staying compliant with data laws and regulations.

At Equiniti Data we work strategically with consumer data and third-party data providers every day. Our specialists can review how you’re buying data today, whether you’re buying from the right sources, how it’s treated once within your company, and where there are opportunities to increase the value of your data investments.

In short, we can design an end-to-end data strategy for your business that combines maximum value with watertight compliance.

What we offer

  • Data review

    We will review your commercial data model and examine the way data is used throughout your business.

  • Compliance check

    We carry out full checks on your data strategy and usage for legal and regulatory compliance, best practice and data policy adherence.

  • Data enrichment

    We analyse and improve the quality of your data to ensure it’s delivering the most value to your business.

How you benefit

  • Improve data efficiency

    Buy and use data assets more effectively.

  • Ensure data quality

    Validate your data handling processes from arrival, through cleansing and hygiene, to integration into your single customer view.

  • Stay legal and compliant

    Implement organisation-wide data governance.

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