Real-time insight for positive business outcomes

Customer feedback is incredibly valuable – giving useful insights into the service you deliver, and even providing a source of ideas for new products and services. But gathering reliable feedback isn’t easy: you need to find a way to encourage customers to volunteer the information you need.

EQ Hub is an award-winning, bespoke customer feedback platform that gathers real-time, multiple-source insights into how your business and products are perceived by the people who matter most: your customers.

Designed to encourage maximum engagement, EQ Hub has been proven to increase customer satisfaction scores, change brand perceptions and drive positive business development.

How you benefit

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    through better understanding of customers’ perceptions

  • Boost customer loyalty and retention

    through using EQ Hub to drive positive change

  • Better train customer-facing staff

    through identifying specific areas for improvement

  • Educated innovation

    through collecting customers’ suggestions for new products and services

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