Our science and insight turns consumers into customers

Imagine what you could discover in your database with industry leading insights from our robust, reliable, and accurate UK consumer data. Our solutions are used by leading FTSE 100 companies for customer acquisition, enhancement and retention and come fully compliant, meeting all necessary industry and legal standards.

Insights to inspire you, data to support you.

  • Confidence in compliance

    All data is collected in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) guidelines for use in marketing. Our team observes ethical data collection practices, and is CTSP, CSTA and CAST certified. The Equiniti Data in-house legal team stays ahead of complex & ever-changing data regulations.

    Our legal team can work directly with yours to satisfy regulatory requirements. Find out more

  • Accuracy is everything

    Independently assessed as 95.7% accurate. Sourced from a network of trusted and certified partners. Regularly rebuilt to ensure highest recency and relevance. Our method goes far beyond standard Royal Mail points of address, to accommodate multi-occupancy buildings and multiple residences sharing a single address point. Our database is built to support marketing to over 18’s.

    You can have total assurance in our regular robust rebuild programme. Want to know more?

  • Broad coverage, deep insights

    Over 35m customer records covering 23m households, with 400+, variables ranging from insurance renewal dates to pet ownership. EQ Reach is one of the largest and richest consumer data sets available today.

    Our data scientists and consultants will help match your ideal audience. How does that work?

  • Flexible for targeted intelligence

    Whether you want all or some of our data, just email addresses, just interests, just locations etc, we can offer a fully-licenced data set offering maximum customer insight.

    If you need more information about your known customers, our experts can give you key insights customised to precision. That sounds interesting…

What can EQ Reach do for you?

Precision profiling of your most profitable customers.

  • Gain Customer Insight

    Gain a deeper understanding of all your customers, using the variables within the EQ Reach data product. Profile, select, personalise, and enhance your marketing and customer engagement.

  • Retain Existing Customers

    Foster and increase the lifespan of your customers’ loyalty, through effective and personalised engagement.

  • Cross-Sell

    Learn more about your customers’ transactional behaviours, wants and needs to develop new approaches to cross-sell new products and services, across a variety of channels.

  • Acquire Consumer Data

    Target new customers through all marketing channels: postal, telephone, email and online. EQ Reach is now available to support online display advertising. Speak to us about joining your online and offline activity

  • Ensure Compliance

    Use clean, accurate data that is in line with all compliance and legislative guidelines

What can our data tell you?

  • Property Sale

    Available for 22m+ households with data on household composition, ownership status, property type, location, council tax band, length of residency and house sales.

  • Charity

    Over 11.6m individuals are available within the EQ Reach charity subject area. These individuals are interested in or have donated to national or local charities.

  • Insurance

    With 23m+ building renewal dates, 13m+ contents renewal dates and 12.5m+ car insurance renewal dates where 26.9m+ individuals have at least one insurance month.

  • Travel

    Holiday destination information for 13m+ individuals, including travel frequency and holiday types within Europe as well as other worldwide destinations.

  • Finance

    Financial status coverage of 38.2m+ consumers, with granular detail on occupation, income, investments and banking style.

  • Pets/Hobbies

    With over 5m pet ownership details and 22.9m+ data points on hobbies and interests including cycling, golf and eating out.

  • Retail

    Granular detail suitable for retail customers helping to pinpoint, segment and select potential consumers with a higher degree of confidence, based on their interests, wealth profiles, demographics, and shopping habits including mail order. We have a retail marketing universe for 13m+ UK individuals.

  • News/Media

    More than 6.9m newspaper and magazine readership demographics and frequency rates. Detailed provider information on 5.15m+ individuals who have broadband or cable.

  • Automotive

    EQ Reach has 12.9m+ detailed records of car insurance renewal behaviour enabling timely targeting and over 6.4m vehicle ownership profiles ranging from BMW, Audi and Ford.

"One change in your customer’s world can trigger a domino effect of buyer behaviour. Be there at the right time and you can massively improve your ROI across the board from existing customers to new prospects." - Jamie Steele, Head of Data
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