You need a rich, comprehensive, three-dimensional customer view to create valuable relationships

EQ Amplify is the UK's newest, most comprehensive and accurate data source for demographic, socio-economic and behavioural characteristics on each household or postcode in the UK, providing you a much richer picture of your customers and prospects.

Whether you are looking at existing customers or targeting new consumers, EQ Amplify provides you with the insight and intelligence you need to create and maintain profitable customer relationships.

Key Features

  • The only classification with Privacy-by-design, ethically constructed from an aggregated and anonymised dataset.
  • Cutting edge machine learning.
  • Interactive UI, developed by UX professionals. Available in online and offline versions.
  • 20+ consumer characteristics profiled in each segment, from car ownership to switching behaviours
Better Retention

It costs less to keep your current customers. Mature your marketing communications by further tailoring messages to your customers based on deeper insights about their interests and lifestyle preferences.

Improved Accuracy

Reduce the costs of mistargeting by revealing trends among your customers. Use innovative and personalised acquisition strategies that are formed around insights on audience preferences.

Discover Lookalikes

You know who your best customers are; EQ Amplify can help you to find more of them and introduce them to the value of your business.

Expand Confidently

Better understand when and where to expand your location-based activities. Use EQ Amplify to pinpoint lookalike locations and grow your business footprint with confidence.

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Behind the Data


EQ Amplify Coverage Map
EQ Amplify Categories and Segments

EQ Amplify references millions of consumer data-points over hundreds of demographic, behavioural and lifestyle dimensions. Data is collected from third party survey data, open data such as the UK census and Equiniti's own consumer marketing database EQ Reach.

EQ Amplify Screenshot EQ Amplify Screenshot

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