Laser-focused marketing, that delivers you results

Behind every buyer is an individual. EQ Amplify can help to transform your campaigns into intelligent interactions – where highly personalised marketing and advertising move your audiences as never before.

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Putting you first

Accessing the information you need in both the online and offline versions of EQ Amplify is intuitive, enabling you to:

  • Quickly identify target audiences.
  • Order by criteria that matters to your marketing efforts.
  • Easily understand the characteristics of a group.
  • Pinpoint relationships between segments with ease.
  • Visualise a digestible set of insights about a category or segment.
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out, from UK level, to category level, to individual segment level.

EQ Amplify in detail

EQ Amplify gives you a highly-accurate picture of today’s UK consumer, reflecting the latest consumer and societal trends. Millions of pieces of information across hundreds of different data points are condensed using the latest analytical and modelling techniques to identify 7 summary groups and 48 detailed segments that are easy to interpret and understand.

Fully GDPR Compliant

The data is anonymised prior to being modelled meaning that there is no personal identifiable information and therefore provides a fully GDPR compliant solution for future-proofed marketing.


Uniquely, EQ Amplify can be viewed through a series of different lenses, providing a more powerful and adaptable solution for today’s ever-changing society. So, whether it’s age, audience, lifestyle, digital usage or risk driving your customer’s purchasing behaviour, all which may vary by product, EQ Amplify will provide exceptional insight.

Extensive Coverage

EQ Amplify covers 99% of the UK, with each segment having its own code, allowing for better understanding of those targets.

Incredible Accuracy

EQ Amplify leverages many niche and unique data sets, as well as open data and proprietary data. By introducing rich variety into our dataset this has enabled us to build up an accurate and rounded picture of individuals and their surrounding locality.

Multi-Level Detail

EQ Amplify UK is available in three tiers – individual, household and postcode. Each tier is built up from the finest individual level granularity to provide greater accuracy than traditional area based geodemographic systems.

Evolving Data

EQ Amplify employs leading-edge modelling techniques to layer up intelligence across multiple levels. This methodology means that individual datasets can be updated or new sources added, without rebuilding, keeping the classification continually up to date and relevant.

Simply put, EQ Amplify offers laser-focused marketing, that delivers you results.
Jamie Steele
Head of Data, EQ Data

What EQ Amplify can do for you

EQ Amplify is a consumer classification tool that provides marketing planners with the ability to immediately dive-deep into what makes their audience tick, what motivates them, and discover what causes them to act the way they do.

Giving you the market share advantage you’ve been looking for, by enabling you to accurately segment the UK population in extraordinary detail and dive deeper in to your target markets. Through compiling hundreds of datasets, across thousands of data points covering demography, geography, social factors, population and consumer behaviour EQ Amplify allows marketers to better understand people, and use those insights to take action that delivers results.

With a simple to use interface and a wide variety of visuals and analytics, you can easily build up a rich picture of your ideal customers. From their age, income, and household composition, together with channel preference and technology adoption. Plus, with the beautifully simple interface allows you to easily present and share essential details with your senior stakeholders at the click of a button.