The high cost of invalid contact details

Keeping customer contact information up to date and accurate is already a huge challenge. When customers move house, switch phones or mis-type their details into your web forms, it gets even harder to maintain an accurate customer universe. Add in the customers you lost touch with due to out-of-date contact details, and your engagement-rates start looking a little worse for wear.

To ensure maximum contact rates by email, landline and mobile/SMS, you need a way to analyse, detect and strip inactive and invalid email addresses and phone numbers from your database.

Maximum deliverability by Email, Phone and SMS

EQ Pure is a multi-channel data validation platform that checks the email addresses, mobile numbers and landline numbers in your contact database to ensure they are accurate and still in use.

Validate contact information either as a batch process on your existing database, or in real time as customers enter details into your web forms or provide them to your contact centre agents.

  • Improve accuracy

    By regularly validating your customer contact data – flagging-up invalid details and correcting mistyped information – EQ Pure gives you the confidence that your communications will reach the right person, every time. It can also help you retain valuable customers - even when they move house or switch phone numbers.

  • Increases CLV

    Losing touch with customers due to data errors means you’re missing out on the benefits of potentially-valuable, long-term relationships. With EQ Pure, you can be sure the data you hold for each customer is always current, helping you to connect with and retain the right ones.

  • Protects brand reputation

    Email Service Providers (ESPs) often move in mysterious ways, and it seldom takes more than a few unwanted or bounced emails to result in your domains being blacklisted. By ensuring you’re always using valid, up-to-date information, EQ Pure dramatically increases your email deliverability rates, keeping you in the ESPs’ good books and ensures you can continue using the email channel in confidence.

  • Works in batch and real time

    EQ Pure works in two ways to keep your customer contact data accurate and up-to-date. Batch validation: Upload your existing customer data to our secure platform and we’ll identify, repair and validate any issues before securely sending it back. Real-time validation: Connect EQ Pure to your website forms or CRM system, to detect & correct mis-keyed or invalid fields as a customer or agent types them in – before they even reach your database.

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